The Medicineroom was set up in 1999 and offers 100% free community clinics in Naturopathy and herbal medicine. Medicine Room manufacture all  organic medicines and body products on site in Maleny for patients wellness.  Founder Dominique LivKamal is launching her third edition of The Wellness Zone in The Uk and Europe this week. It will be available in Australia in July! 

 The Medicine Room is here at Prana fest to help you with your wellness in the event. Herbal first aid available and free naturopathic and herbal clinics.  Call in from Friday 1pm till 8pm and Saturday 9.30am till 8pm and Sunday 9am till 3pm. 

Herbal elixir shots for festival wellness, medicines and organic herbal body products. Come to our intro talk on Saturday morning on the main stage where we share with you some festival wellness tips! 

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