As a man of Maori descent, my physical, spiritual, and ancestral connection to Mother Earth

exists at a peaceful and arresting place called Ranana, found along the Wanganui River, on New Zealand’s North Island. As a boy growing up, I struggled to understand the world and what was expected: my heart was quieted and coarsened at an early age. 

Today, the underpinning for all that I do is love.
It is the bedrock for which I have built my

unique and sole Spirit Breathwork practice; weaving and layering world instruments with their

enigmatic and concealed frequencies — there is no other like it.

My Spirit/Wairua Breathwork is a multifaceted weaving of conscious connected breathing with

instruments of the world, intrinsically using Native American Flutes, Didgeridoos, Nepalese

singing bowls, Rav drum, guitar, and Taonga Puoro traditional Maori instruments. The looped

and layered energy created has undeniable acoustic therapy properties; the result is a sound

theatre like no other you have experienced. Allowing you, my patron, to achieve an altered state in which you can purge yourself of what doesn’t serve you and connect back to your inner being with intention and affection.

I am merely a guide though - a conduit if you will - who can lead those who seek to rediscover

themselves, bring forth awareness, and evoke the ever-present intrinsic wisdom within each

one of us.

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