Living with compassion and presence requires that we have courageous intention. Erin Lee's Pranafest sessions are an invitation to move your body, breath and mind in a kind and very intentional way. Be guided along a journey of awareness raising, heart-opening and emotional balancing, to support you to live and breathe with more connection, lightness and freedom in everyday life.


Erin is the Founder of The Mindful Yoga School, a yoga, mindfulness and meditation training centre. She’s also the resident yoga teacher at Chenrezig Institute, a centre for Buddhist study, meditation and retreat. Her former career as a marine scientist can be felt like a thread through her teachings, with the ways of nature weaving through all our humanness.


You’ll find Erin also featuring in dynamic yoga-sound collaborations with the likes of Dubarray and Chris Lane, and featuring at major wellness festivals such as the Woodford Folk Festival and national-wide YogaFests, in between training up and coming yoga and meditation teachers.


She is renowned for her nurturing and caring way that creates the calm required to look a little deeper than just our surface appearances, getting to the heart of what’s in true alignment for us amongst these changing times.

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