Embracing our future with out losing sight of our past, OKA draw upon their First Nation connection to place and country to weave a sonic tapestry of earth frequencies with the electric sounds and pulse of future culture. 

Collaborating with Sound of HEMP master didgeridoo craftsman ‘Jon Worsley’ (the original creator of the HEMP Didge) to present a grounding experience like no other. 

Together they acknowledge, recognise and pay their deepest respects to our traditional custodians and sacred knowledge keepers of this land. Standing strong with Originals people in solidarity to honour and support the ongoing preservation of living First Nation culture, teachings, language and people.


Understanding that ‘Belonging’ and staying ‘Grounded’ is primal and fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being ‘the Grounding’ experience explores the power and gravity of ’true connection’ through the expression of OKA music, immersed in the space, rhythm and Sound of HEMP + Yidaki (didgeridoo).

Marinating the mystical spirit of the Dreamtime, the knowledge, Wisdom and Love of our ancestors, co-creating a deep collective grounding and community interconnection to the spirit of the land.





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