Ben and Sarah - Founders of New Earth Cafe and New Earth Metta healing centre on the  Sunshine Coast have been a guiding light to those seeking higher levels of health, vitality and  spiritual re-connection in the community for the past 7 years.  

Holding compassionate community space weekly at New Earth Metta they offer - Yoga,  Breathwork, Sound Healings, Health Coaching, Raw food classes, Meditations and Retreats.  Featuring at Woodford Folk festival twice, Island Elements, Wanderlust and smaller local events  over the years. 

Ben has a passion for exploring human potential and through his own practice, study and training  in various Breathwork modalities, Trauma therapies, Mediations and Sound healing he will guide  you to unlock your own powers to heal and thrive in his natural loving and nurturing way at  Pranafest! 

Sarah is a transformational force that has a unique ability to assist in ones healing and  transformation through all her wisdom in yoga, mantra chanting, mind set coaching, diet and life  style. Sarah’s passion for sanskrit chanting is medicine for the soul. Her voice in mantra evokes a  deep experience of self connection and purification of obstacles in emotional release brings forth  a new you and therefor a New Earth.  

Ben and Sarah have a potent way of sharing an empowering message through passionately  embodying it. 

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