Ritual Magik Dream Weaving is a place, and space beyond time for you to play as you seed intentions into the multidimensional fabric of your reality. Experience your dreams come to life with the herbal and metaphysical support of Flower of Life Cacao’s Ritual Magik Blend - Joy Proximity.  

Learn how to powerfully wield your life-force for liminal creativity. Connect with your future, your friends, and community as your dream comes to life across all time, space, no space and timelessness. Be careful what you wish for, get specific, and be ready to receive a Future delivery NOW, from your True Will. 

Sun and Mallika have been exploring life through the lens of ritual magik manifesting, peak performance hacks and tools for tangible transformations. Sun plays in numerous realms of business and community helping people to embody their dream lives and upgrade humanity. Mallika, mother and mage has spent many years guiding people to birthing their deepest desires through mystical and metaphysical practices. 

Co-founder of Flower of Life Cacao, Sun has been taking both business owners and festival punters through enchanting rituals for powerful manifesting.  

Creator of Eximiosa - Superbeing Academy; Sun has founded a platform for facilitators and members world-wide to embody their divinity. Eximiosa forms part of Sun’s effort to collectively enhance humanity’s trajectory through the cohesion of a legion of superbeings at the helm of impactful businesses, adeptly wielding mystical and esoteric abilities.  

Co-host for the Sunshine Coast Conscious Collective he has a passion for helping tribe embody their higher self.

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