This is Leah.
She lives at the beautiful Sunshine Coast.
Her passion for quality connection to our earth care, self care, and relating to one another, drives Leah help others connect to their body, mind, spirit through Yoga, Pranic Energy Healing, sound expression, women’s goddess circles, sistar song circles, and Zenthai Shiatsu.

Leah has been studying Pranic energy healing for over 5 years and now has a clinic to help support others through these practices.
She has been teaching yoga for over 7 years and continues to expand her knowledge and deepen her understanding to help others feel excellent in their body and mind.

Leah has been supporting women’s growth of self love and self expression through Sistar circles and Goddess song circles. Leah is a practionar in Pranic Energy Healing, Yoga, and Zenthai Shiatsu in her educating business Leah Corey Wellness.

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