Claire Jayne - Certified Magnetic Mind Coach and Creatress of Higher Wisdom Channel, a direct channel to Superconscious Transformations - a unique structure that invites you to step into your True Choice, treat your mind and unlock your fullest potential. 


Higher Wisdom Channel is the the purest embodiment of Claire’s life journey bringing you a grounded Higher Wisdom Channel infused with the essence of Yoga and the medicinal transcendence of esoteric principles, she holds a nurturing space that can sometimes feel like a velvet hammer, kick up your arse with Grace.


Claire’s intention is to teach others this unique method and structure that changed her life and dance as many people as she can through Superconscious Transformation so they can truly create a life they love aligned with their unique Higher Wisdom.  


In her “spare time” you may find Claire pole dancing, surfing, cooking, blogging, singing, adventuring with her family and strumming on her Eukelele!

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