'Permaculture Consciousness' with

Annaliese Hordern (Symbiotic Nature) is the Director of the Change Makers Permaculture Design Course and is a passionate Permaculture, sustainability and community development educator. She has spent the last 2 decades working with and learning from some of the edgiest sustainability leaders and pioneers, exploring solutions to the challenges we face everyday. 

The last 4 years Annaliese has worked as a horticulturalist with Green Harvest Organic Gardening propagating their edible plant collection, she is on the Grounded Leadership Board with Grounded Permaculture Action Party and enjoys a satisfying “back-to-basics” lifestyle on her 1 acre Permaculture Property on the Sunny Coast, containing 108 edible plants.



Jay Jackson is a ‘Permaculture Powerhouse’, consulting, designing, educating and managing projects to achieve abundant outcomes. For over 10 years, Jay has been highly motivated to deliver results on large scale projects and produce stunning designs to offer food security, seed sovereignty and to ultimately regenerate landscapes across Australia! Jay is currently recruiting a team of professionals to become Australia's most influential Permaculture enterprise. Jay Jackson lives to share his passion with the world.

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